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Description of the Mod: try to meet all the goals identified above. Try to think from the perspective of a new player: why would I want to play this mod versus the 30 other mods available? Including screenshots is always helpful. Here are some good examples of mod pages from HoI2: WIF or GIP.

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location
Current version 0.255
Last update April, 2012
Compatibility HoI3, SF, FtM
Mod team
AAR archives


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Yes
AI Yes
Technology Yes
Map No
Events Yes
New Units Yes
Game Mechanics Yes

Mod notes

- Interface Improvements

- New August Storm title screen - Unit panels now show 5 brigades without scrolling - Improved rank signs for generals - Coloured NATO counters - Coloured Province and urban pictures version 4.75 by TZoli - New country event windows with bigger pictures - New top bar with customized country shields - New politic interface with bigger leader's picture and new laws - CMP map (modified) - Francesco's Model mod

- Gamebalance Changes (only some of the most important changes are mentioned!)

  • Technical and mods implementations

- Some HPP mod features ( eventually modified, special thanks to Slan, TheBromgrev and TZoli ) - Improved Leaderfiles, by lukasberger - Strategic Resources Mod, by Fernando Torres ( updated AS 0.2 ) - Last Lothos official AI LUA improvements ( 12/4 modified, updated AS 0.25 ) - Community Map Project features

  • Other mods compatibility

- Francesco's Counters Mod ( see: ) for details. - Chromos Widescreen GUI mod ( adaptation by maverick87 )

  • Leaders

- New trait: Genius (+50% XP gain) - New trait: Staffer (+15% XP bonus) - New trait: Movement Doctrine (+15% combat movement speed) - New trait: Fort Commander (+15% fort defence) - New trait: Amphibious Doctrine (+15% amphibious attack) - New trait: Trench Doctrine (+50% dig-in bonus) - New trait: Paratrooper (-25% out of supply malus) - New trait: Siege Defender (-15% encirclement malus) - New trait: Deep Defender (-15% envelopment malus) - New trait: Artillery Expert (+25% defender softness)

  • Balance

- Creation of a real National Effort: only invaded countries are able to enact the "total economic mobilisation" law (see exceptions below). (updated AS 0.151) - Increased partisan support for all occupation policies. - Lowered the leadership bonus from all occupation policies. - Slightly increased the resources and IC gain for all the occupation policy ( updated AS 0.21 ) - Increased land battles strength losses - Increased retreat speed (0.9 to 1.1) as the retreating units don't bring their supply. - Vastly increased the diplomatic cost for buying licences and for allowing debt. - Increased the XP gain for land and air units. - Decreased the minimal temperature for suffering attrition. - Vastly increased the upgrade time and cost. - Surprise bonus increased. - Crude oil cost reduced by 0.25. - Slightly increased the repair rate for buildings. - Slightly increased the organisation loss for strategic redeployment. - Slightly increased the infra throughput impact. - Slightly increased the muddiness supply tax modifier. - Increased night penalty. - Lowered the Airsupply factor. - Changed some combat events. - Changed some building costs/time.(updated AS 0.153) - Decreased reinforcement bonus by 2/3, you can increase it with training and mobilisation laws. - Shorten radar range. - Increased encircled penalty. - Increased the chance to be surprised by NAV, at sea. - Increased base proximity bonus. - Decreased the alliance reject relation change. - Halved the air attack value for all ships. - Changed the weather impact on non clear terrain.(updated AS 0.153) - Increased the IC build cost (updated AS 0.153). - Laws now affect war exhaustion. - Added new Strategic effect modifiers for Chinese local Warlords corruption and NJG "collaboration" with Japan (updated 3.42) - Added new Strategic effect modifiers for Vichy cooperation with Germany ( updated AS 0.165 ) - Movement across plains is now 20% faster. - Added new Strategic effects "The Great Patriotic war" (updated AS 0.21) - Added new Strategic effect modifier "Winter Countries". - Added new Strategic effect "Dominion Allies cooperation".( updated AS 0.165 ) - Added new Strategic effect "War bonds" (from HPP) - Added new Strategic effect "The French colonies". - Lowered the wardec_belligerency modifier (from 25 to 20 ). - Increased the suppression value for all the land units. - Added new strategic effect "Two front war". - Added new strategic effect "Financial power" (the more money you will keep the more IC, industrial and leadership bonuses you will have) - Added new strategic effect "Boost AI majors" ( updated AS 0.17 ) - Rocket test sites and Nuclear Reactors are now invisible onmap. - Decreased the supply pool days to 15 days (updated AS 0.15) - Add resources production technologies to some important minors ( HOL, SWE, BEL, ROM...) - Add a more gradual US gear up to war ( updated AS 0.161 ) - You must be at war to enact emergency draft ( upon a major power when playing a major power ) - Lowered the practical bonuses for some important naval units - Modified damaged factor for buildings ( Airbases are more susceptible to runaway cratering, Infrastructures are four times harder to destroy etc...) - Resources prices decreased by about 1/3 - Brigades have now 10 more strength, support brigades 3 more - Increase revolt risk for Total War mobilization law - Lowered effects for most Strategic resources - Lowered the efficiency of the "Cag duty" mission - Increased the SUB and Air-Naval surprise effects round numbers - New Strategic Effects: "Lack of Officers" ( be careful with your manpower level or you will suffer heavy Officer's recruitment penalties ) - AI Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, China won't lack of manpower in any case, until 1941, 1943, 1942 and 1944 respectively - Lowered the Officers ratio in Infantry units by 20%

  • New units

- Special forces ( brigades granted one by one by decision, after each step of dedicated doctrine ) - Historical SS divisions ( granted one by one by decision, after each historical accomplishment ) - Naval mines - Airmobiles - SP-Anti air - Ballistic Missiles (AS 0.15)

  • Units balance

- Slightly improved the effectiveness of Armour units in clear terrain. - Dramatically increased the malus for armoured/mechanised/motorised units for fighting defending and moving in really "bad" terrain, especially in high mountains. - Various unit tweaks, in order to improve realism (bergsjaegers now fight/defend much better in high mountains, marines do a slight better job in Jungle, Partisans units max speed=1, Police=8 etc...) . - Air and naval units now cost officers. - Support brigades now cost less officers. - Some support brigades suffer less casualties (ART, SPART, RART, SPRART), and others do more damage in compensation for their weakness (AT, TD, AC). - Field artillery is now more susceptible against air attacks. - CV have now 0 sea attack level. - Change the Demobilization factor (0.5 to 0.95). - Weather effect has been balanced (update AS 0.15). - Submarines torpedoes upgrades now affect Destroyers. - Reduced the strategic attack value for all the planes. - Slightly increased Destroyers' sub detection and sub attack value. - Shorten the Transport range from 3000 to 2600.(updated 3.48) - Improve ship radars/ASW technologies effect on submarines detection. - CVs cost now more ICs. (updated 3.48) - Add range malus to some ship upgrades. - CAV are now upgradable with common inf and Larm techs. - Airmobile techs are now properly implemented in the techtree - Add extra supply and fuel consumption to some unit upgrades (updated 3.492) - All naval units reworked (hull size, speed, range, consumption...).(updated AS 0.162) - Naval bombers are cheaper. - Submarines are cheaper. - CAS and TAC are now more efficient in land units bombing. - Armoured and mechanized units are longer to build and more expensive. - Add doctrines for escort carrier. - Garrison costs 30% less manpower. - Decreased the strategic redeployment speed (updated AS 0.165). - Heavy Arms have now 0.5 width more, but are even more powerful. - CAGs are a bit less stronger. - Better Carriers gives bonuses for CAGs missions and morale. - Large warship radar also gives bonuses for cag duty missions. - Tweaked the strength of Naval and Air units. - A lot of unit specs has been changed to stay in the bound of FTM 3.05 (updated AS 0.177). - Add "is_mobile" abilities to all SP support brigs, Airmobiles and Engineers ( important for Grand Offensives ).

  • Laws, Ministers, Leaders, Parties

- Slightly increase the supply throughput for heavy industry emphasis industrial policy law (updated AS 0.151) - Laws reworked (updated AS 0.177) - Education laws are now linked with the Government and ideology types. - Corrected the USSR's parties name. - Fixed a lot of leaders, add Movement Doctrine trait to all the German Panzer leaders, and Siege Defender trait to all the Soviet leaders with Defensive doctrine trait(updated 3.27). - Ministers have been removed and replaced with new dynamic laws (updated AS 0.152) - Add traits to HoS and HoG (AS 0.152)

  • Technologies

- Reworked some Land Doctrines for more realism and historical accuracy (updated AS 0.15). - New theoretical tech : Grand Land Offensive (see tooltips for prerequisites and effects). (updated AS 0.21) - New theoretical tech : Grand Air Offensive (see tooltips for prerequisites and effects). (updated AS 0.161) - New theoretical tech : Grand Aeronaval Offensive (see tooltips for prerequisites and effects). (updated AS 0.161) - New naval tech : Naval Mines Engineering. - Reworked some Industrial Technologies : they have now a bigger impact on gameplay, while some economic laws have less impact. (updated 3.48) - Naval anti aircraft technologies are now longer to research, but give a better efficiency. - Militia technologies have been partially merged with Infantry ones. - New infantry tech : Guerilla Specialization (see tooltips and tech description for prerequisites and effects) - New infantry tech : Radio Reconnaissance Team (see tooltips and tech description for prerequisites and effects) - New infantry tech : Surface to Air Support (see tooltips and tech description for prerequisites and effects) - New infantry tech : APC Support (see tooltips and tech description for prerequisites and effects) - Increased the encryption/decryption effects - Add new possible conversions ( CA to CVL, TAC to STR, SUB and DD to newer SUB and DD respectively etc...) - Add sub detection bonus to CV and CVL for Small navigation radar research - Improving main unit technologies now give a malus instead of bonus to those unit practicals ( Armoured, Infantry, Planes, Artillery )

  • Countries

- Indian Empire - Egypt - Lebanon - Syria - Republic of China-Nanjing - Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - Many other nations releasable

  • Countries balance

- SOV/ "disorganized officer corps" effect of the purge : -30% leadership, -50% org regain, -25% organisation ( updated AS 0.21 ) - SOV/ The Great patriotic war (updated AS 0.161) - SOV/ Increased the Manpower bonus for the Siberian transfer decisions (updated 3.48) - GER/ The Rhineland: +3% resources (after the Rhineland event) - USA/ The New Deal: -45% leadership, -10% resources... (till gear up, updated AS 0.15) - USA/ Gear up for war: +200 Manpower - USA/ Office Of War Mobilisation modifier: +40% leadership +4.5% IC efficiency - Added extra VPs for India. - TUR/ Increased unity - FRA/ Add a mobilization bonus for Dantzig of War +400 manpower - UK/ Add a mobilization bonus for Dantzig of War +100 Manpower ( updated 0.165 ) - UK/ The Home Guard: +150 Manpower + enable "Total war mobilisation" +2 unity after the fall of Paris ( updated 0.165 ) - GER/ Add a mobilization bonus for Dantzig of War +100 Manpower - GER/ Add a Volkssturm decision, +650 Manpower, -10 unity, -25% land units organisation, +5 war exhaustion....( updated 0.175 ) - Added some manpower to SAF and CAN after the fall of Paris. - CAN/ Add some industrial techs - CHC/ is now stronger (updated 2.7) - GRE/ is now stronger - Add a lot of Historical cores and releasable countries (updated 3.3) - GER/ Add the historical 38t and 35t Regiments after the Second Vienna Award - Fix End War cores - Add a SOV "Nation in shock" modifier for Barbarossa decision. - Add extra resources for JAP AI after Indochina event. - Add a few rare materials to USA. - GER/ Add "Crusade against Bolchevism" country modifier for Barbarossa decision. (AS 0.151) - JAP/ Add "Kamikaze" strategic effect, in case Japan suffers heavy loss against the allies. - ITA/ Gets better naval doctrines and technologies - ITA/ Gets more manpower with the "Eight millions bayonets" modifier - JAP/ Fights better in Jungle - GER/ Added a new decision: Appoint Albert Speer (that triggers a new strategic effect)

- Database Changes

  • Events & Decisions

- Added Grand Offensive decisions system : - Added Grand Land Offensive decisions (dynamic Barbarossa, Uranus, Overlord...operations, you decide where and when to hit) (updated 3.487) - Added Grand Air Offensive Decisions (dynamic Blitz, Hydra, Gauntlet...operations) - Added Grand Aero naval Offensive Decisions (Make your own Pearl Harbor: Niitaka Yama Noborre, Coral sea : Operation MO, Midway, Guadalcanal...) - Added Operation Torch decision for USA, release "Total war mobilisation" +650 Manpower. (updated 3.27) - Added Operation Exporter decision for UK. - Completely reworked the Baltic states chain. - Added Case Anton decision for Germany (+600 Manpower + enable "Total war mobilization"). - Added Italian occupation zone at the creation of Vichy. - The German AI will properly implement Unternehmen Weserübung and Annex both Norway and Denmark. - Added surrender events so that Nationalist China or Chinese Communists randomly, absorbs defeated warlords.(updated 2.2) - Historical Partition of Korea event chain. - Added correct allied occupied zones for Germany surrender. - New decision for the UK to propose alliance to Ireland in exchange for unification. - Added UK surrender event. - Added Peace Treaty with Vichy France decision for Germany once the UK and USA are out of the war. - Added North Bukovnia to Bessarabia Claim decision. - Fixed Slovakian Borders. - Fixed Second Vienna Accord borders. - SOV/ Delete the 500 manpower bonus from the purge decision, put -500 instead, change the startup mobilisation law instead.(updated 3.48) - SOV/ Reworked the Great Patriotic War's vanilla decision. - Completely reworked Italian armistice. - Added Unternehmen Asche decision for Germany. - Changed some provinces resources and buildings (Belgian Congo, Kiruna, Magnitogorsk, Dortmund...) to make them more accurate and realistic (updated 3.492). - Added Xi'an Incident event (truce in the Chinese civil war). - Decrease the neutrality of several countries (NOR,SWE,BEL...) for the Dantzig of War decision - Added Dominions support events ( updated AS 0.165 ) - Delete the "Vichy France - Nationalist Spain" surrender event. - Added events for ROM and BUL changing side. - Added new surrender event for CHI. - Added new Japanese-Soviet Non-aggression Pact event. - Added Mannerheim Line Extension event. - Added Operation Barbarossa decision. - Added Operation Niitaka Yama Noborre decision. - Added Operation Renntier decision. - Added Burma road decision (from HPP). - Added Operation Countenance (from HPP). - Added Anglo-Iraqi war decision (from HPP). - Added the anti-comintern pact decision (from HPP). - Added Offensive After-Effects event, as a negative counterpart after a Grand Land Offensive. (updated 3.487) - Added a new event for Romania to join Axis after Barbarossa. - Faction aims from HPP. - Surrender events from HPP (modified). - Added a decision for the fall of Berlin (updated 3.48) - National Effort is now a Strategic effect. - Added Shangai Battle decision for AI Japan (updated 2.6) - Added new event in case of German aggression on Vichy regime. - Added a decision for the fall of Roma.(updated 3.48) - Added a new Strategic Effect for France and United Kingdom: "La drôle de Guerre" - Added a new decision for Germany: Fall Gelb - Added decisions for the fall of Moscow and Leningrad - Added decisions for the reconquest of Moscow and Leningrad - Added strategic decision Manpower Workers (IC bonuses/malus for manpower reserve) - Added a decision for both ENG and FRA: "Stop the mad man" (if Germany goes too aggressive and unhistorical in early game) - Added new events for Axis allies ( ROM, HUN, BUL, will grant troops to GER or ITA ) - Adaptation of the Wargoals system with the old surrender system for a better accuracy (AS 0.15) - Added new events for Germany: trade rare with Netherlands - Added a new event for Soviet Union: "Undefended border", non AI SOV now gets dissent if it doesn't put units on its common border with Germany (updated AS 0.161) - Added new decisions to trigger most important wargoals - Added a new event "Chinese guerilla", non AI Japan will now get more troubles with Chinese partisans if chose the complete conquest of China - Added a new decision "Reich Total War Mobilization" to help Germany enacting TWM law once going low on manpower while at war with USA and SOV - Added decisions for the fall of Tokyo - Added a new decisions/events "Cession Of Hatay" (from CMP) - Added new decision "Declaration by United Nations" - Added new decisions that allow to build Military Complex ( Military/Industrial Strategic resources ) - Added new Event to chose your Industrial priorities ( Focus on Land units, Naval units....) - Added new decisions to make and repay debt during peacetime ( only non stalinist or leninist countries ) - Added Undeclared wars for The Battle of Lake Khasan and The Battles of Khalkhyn Gol ( don't work yet ) - Added an event that helps Turkey to join the axis if Germany is doing well in the Caucasus - Added a new decision to evacuate Moscow, if threatened - Added a new event chains for Egypt - Added a new variant to Operation Torch for AI USA - Added a Limited War strategic effect for Sino-Japanese war

  • Map improvements

- Ladoga Road of Life - Connection between Baku and Krasnovodsk - Historical Railway network implemented in Soviet Union ( done in CMP )

  • Scenario Setup

- Historical 1936 Polish OOB (AS 0.151) - Historical 1936 Hungarian OOB (AS 0.152) - Historical 1936 German OOB - Historical 1936 French OOB - Semi-Historical 1936 Soviet OOB - Reworked some techs conditions, and changed some attribution for the 1936 setup in order to keep the game more historical and more country specific: it's now harder for all the majors except Germany to get Spearhead doctrine, harder for the major powers except the Soviet Union to get Human wave doctrine etc. Furthermore, those three major doctrines have been improved (see tooltips for details). - Added some militia units to CHI. - Add some Destroyers to the Royal Navy - Add some Destroyers to IJN - GER/ Add a rocket test site in Berlin. - 1945 scenario is not yet implemented. - SOV/ Add a rocket test site in Moscow.