Anschluss of Austria

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Removal of the border barrier between Germany and Austria.

In Hearts of Iron 3 the Anschluss is a decision and event that allows Germany to annex Austria.


There had been several years of pressure from Germany and there were many supporters within Austria for the "Heim ins Reich"-movement, both Nazis and non-Nazis. Earlier, Nazi Germany had provided support for the Austrian National Socialist Party (Austrian Nazi Party) in its bid to seize power from Austria's Austrofascist leadership. Fully devoted to remaining independent but under considerable pressure from both German and Austrian Nazis, the Chancellor of Austria, Kurt Schuschnigg, tried to hold a referendum to ask the Austrian people whether they wished to remain independent or merge into Germany. Although Schuschnigg expected Austria to vote in favor of maintaining autonomy, a well-planned coup d'état by the Austrian Nazi Party of Austria's state institutions in Vienna took place on 11 March, prior to the referendum which was canceled. With power quickly transferred over to Germany, Wehrmacht troops entered Austria to enforce the Anschluss. The Nazis held a plebiscite – asking the people to ratify what had already been done – within the following month, where they claim to have received 99.73% of the vote. Austria was annexed to the German Third Reich on 12 March 1938.


If Austria accepts then Germany annexes them with cores added to Austria; if not they go to war or create an alliance, which the computer will never do. In order to fire the event as Germany you'll need to Occupy the Rhineland, be major, pass March 1937 with the political crisis in Austria, or 1938 without it, and Austria must not be in a faction. Player can raise national socialist party organization,or popularity to 40, instead of waiting for political crisis in Austria.

This decision will raise Germany's threat on all nations by ten, increase its dissent by five; reduce its neutrality by 15,Italy's by 30, France's, and the United Kingdom's neutrality by five, and reduce Germany's relations with France by five, United Kingdom by five, Italy by ten, Czechoslovakia by ten, and Hungary by five. The event will also increase Germany's manpower pool by 450 and Germany will inherit Austrias units.