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The small country of Albania in the Balkans is a minor power that does not have much possibility to have an influence in Europe. It is surrounded by large and powerful neighbors and is targeted to be annexed by Italy by 1939. If some war could upset the balance of power in the Balkans in the 1930s, Albania may have a chance to gain strength.


Only one HQ unit, with Zog as general. You should move it from Durres to Tirana.


1 HQ unit.



Air Force



In April 1939, Italy sends an ultimatum to Albania to capitulate and surrender the crown, which was opposed historically and you would want to too if you wish to play more. By then you should have built or bought light tanks, milita, infantry divisions, anti aircraft and so on. To get all these weapons and equipment improve relations with Germany since it's easier than with the Allies.

The Arminstice with Italy

If you survive the war for 5 months Italy will sign a truce and voila Albania is Liberated.

Another way to survive is to improve relations with Germany to a point where you can join their alliance and become a member of the axis, thus Italy cannot invade Albanian since Albania is no more isolated and alone. As I said the triangle of influence in the diplomatic page shows Albania closer to Axis and the Comitern but you must chose the Axis to align with so the Italian invasion is not triggered. When WWII breaks out stay neutral until German troops have invaded Yugoslavia because even though you might have created a 100'000 strong army (possible without any help or cheats) with a working Air Force and Navy Albania was left very dull by the devs although Albania irl had an efficient army or the RAA (Royal Albanian Army). Avoid joining the conflict early since Greece can eassily inflict heavy losses so wait until German Italian troops arrive and then declare war to the Allies. Albania can't influence the course of the war much so be sure to improve the defensive capabilites of Albania and suppress partisan activity or support the defence of Balkans from possible British invasions. When Germany declares war to USSR don't declare war immediately but wait for more time to see the course of the war. The strategic defeat of the German Army would mean the end of Albania and the Axis allies so best thing to do is hope for something good.

Another way to survive comfortably is to again improve relations with Germany and Italy, allow access to their troop, get you independence guaranteed by Germany but do not join the Axis, instead stay srtricly neutral. Build your Armed forces using German and Italian engineering finest works and wait if Italy declare war, see out the tide of war and improve relations based on it, if either side is winning be sure to be right by them so you can survive and be part of the winners.

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