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An After Action Report is a written story usually including pictures based on some ones game play. They can be a comedy, or based like a history book. It could be a narrative involving a characters life in a game or it could be a straight forward tell-it-like-it-is Report.

After Action Report is the longer version of saying AAR.

Writing An AAR

A good writAAR must follow several rules for a good AAR:

  • Firstly, pick a good nation to start with that will follow the theme your after. Be it comedy, pick Switzerland or Belgium. If you want a serious AAR, pick Germany or Britain. However, not all writAARs follow this
  • Whilst picking the country, pick a theme. Chose from: Comedy, Game play, Narrative or History Book
  • Start playing. The first update is usually only a pilot and should be quite short; it should introduce yourself and the country your playing, so don't finish the game just yet.
  • Continue to play and update at regular intivals

Examples Of Good AARs

Here are some examples of some brilliant AARs that you can inspire from and get ideas from. We will only take AARs that are good and are from the Paradox Interactive official After Action Reports forum.


Game play


History Book