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Afghanistan is a country in the Middle East.

Afghanistan is Isolated, it's a Enclave around: Persia, URSS, UK and Sinkiang.

The little that this country can trade is Energy (8.00 base Energy) and can only do it to the countries named before.

The Armed Forces of this country are: 15 Militia Brigades, 3 Infantry Brigades and 3 Cavalry Brigades, after all it's a Good force to defend the land at least for a time against some faction.

To Break the Isolation of Afghanistan and be able to trade with everybody it need a port and for that this are the solutions to become a Stable Power for this country:

1)Join a Faction: The Player have the 3 Options: *Axis, Allies or Commitern. Pros Axis: Could be able to Buy Licenced Units from their Members, cheap and technologically advanced. Cons: When their enter at war, the country will have 2 Big Enemies around (URSS and UK, helped by their 2 puppets of Buthan and Nepal)

Pros Allies: If Any Country declare war at you they will enter too to protect you Cons: Almost no Territory to claim if decide to expand it exept if you are quick and grab some *Persia Lands.

Pros Commitern: Free Recourses and the Protection Alliance (like the Allied one) Cons: Untill Afghanistan have a Port, their only traders will be UK, Sinkiang and *Persia (because the URSS don't give you money for Resources)

War with Persia

  • The Only chance for Afghanistan to gain a port and meaby some Resources should be to Declare war at Persia, doing this and if no other faction or Nation declares war at them and gain land, you will have lots of resources and finally a port.

The problem with this as i saw rare times... Persia rare times will be Drift side to the Axis and Germany will invite them to Join the Axis. But as far i saw even if you declare war when their are with the Axis, Germany/Italy/Japan don't send troops to help (Expeditionary or from them).


I suggest invest on Infantry, Militia, Artillery and some Industry technology (player decide how to play the cards)

Forget about Tanks or Air Force.

Note: Base 0.50 and +2.00 Base Value (according to what i have.. and only on Very Easy Difficult)

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