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The purpose of this page is to provide information about the AI, both when in control of non-player nations and when the player delegates responsibility to it.

AI Nations

AI Military Strategy

Nations with scripted AI will not react to certain situations by registering a widened front. A good example of this is if Poland conquers Czechoslovakia before Germany, the German AI will not assign forces to the new Polish occupied Czech border and, being unable to annex Czechoslovakia, the German AI will not invade Poland.

To encourage historic, or at least more balanced behavior from the AI it is best to not interfere with the countries with scripted AI until after 1939.

  • Air - The AI will prioritize invasion targets for its Tactical bombers if they are in range.
  • Islands - The AI will never use mot/mech/arm to garrison islands.

AI Technology

When the AI is in control of technological development it tends to research in year techs and avoids specialising in any particular area.

Player-set AI


When the AI is in control of technological development it tends to research in year techs and avoids specialising in any particular area. To make sure a country upgrades the critical Education techs the player will need to switch to manual control, begin research in the tech, then switch back to AI control. Once a tech has been queued for research it will not be taken out until it has been raised at least one level.


When the AI is in control of Diplomacy it tends to drift somewhat more than a player would and as a result may end up aligned to a faction that makes little or no strategic sense.

Units under AI Control

When Theatre AI is attached as part of the chain of command, it will always imprint its own assessment of the Theatre's needs on any unit under AI control (even if the Theatre itself is not under AI control). The AI will always try to use the forces it has available to address these Theatre requirements often bringing it into conflict with the needs of the player.

To avoid conflict with the Theatre AI, the player should detach the Army Group HQ from Theatre HQ. Having cut the link to Theatre, lower level HQ will strive toward the objectives set by the player.

HQ with responsibility for more than one land mass (i.e. areas not connected by land routes) must have indigenous transport to be able to properly cover those areas.

A player cannot issue orders to units under AI control but prior to placing them under AI control the player can set a movement order that the AI will generally complete before then determining where it wants the unit.

House Rules

Exploiting AI weaknesses is known as being gamey or unfair to the AI. For this reason, some players use "house rules" to ensure better gameplay balance, fun, and challenge:

  • Save/Reload: No matter how badly a battle unfolds, refrain from going back to a saved game.
  • No Pause: do not use the pause button during battle, do not slow down time during battle: allow yourself to have a slow response time to changing conditions, to give the AI a chance.
  • No Spamming: No massive infantry spamming or factory spamming.
  • Unit diversity: make an army with a diversity of units and brigade types.
  • Historical: stick to historical events at least until 1939, if not until 1941.
  • Research: do not research doctrines until units are at war, and no doctrine switching.
  • Research: diversify research, and do not research ahead of time.