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This work is based on my first ideas back to HOI2 and HOI1. Maybe some remember my former work released for HOI2 under the name AHOI-Mod. Also many Mods influenced somehow my ideas(And of course the game developers of Paradox itself). But still, the core overall design of "A-HOI3 - Treasure - GEM one" is based just on my own ideas and I claim the intellectual property on all the changes done in this work released as "A-HOI3 - Treasure - GEM one". This includes the copyright on this work as a whole.

Intentionally I started this work with the hope to sell it as a DLC. Therefore, this "legal note"...

As I understand the "need" of protection of intellectual property my personal opinion is in gereral like this statement from Thomas Jefferson:

"If nature has made any one thing less susceptible than all others of exclusive property, it is the action of the thinking power called an idea, which an individual may exclusively possess as long as he keeps it to himself; but the moment it is divulged, it forces itself into the possession of every one, and the receiver cannot dispossess himself of it. Its peculiar character, too, is that no one possesses the less, because every other possesses the whole of it. He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me."


So my ideas how to change things can be rebuild by anyone, or are maybe even "invented" already by someone else in the same way or similar as I did.

As for the practical usage for now. There is no difference in usage as for every other Modification around.

Overall goals

I startetd this with the idea of having the GEM one as a foundation for many more GEM's("G(ame) E(nhancement) M(odification)) that would then enrich the "Treasure". So further GEM's should be map changes, event chains, new AI, new scenarios and so on. Every GEM should also be as modular and independent as possible, so that anybody could choose what GEM's he want in his own "Treasure".

Overall first goals of the GEM-one was:

-Have a more realistic approach and possibility of Division composition.-> New techs and new unit types. Switch to a new Regimental System

-Adding immersion trough a diversity of techs.(Tank regiment composition.. Infantry composition and others..)

-Lowering the micromanaging level. (Medium and heavy tanks used instead of light as for historic reasons and ease of use. Lights only used in Mot Cavalry or as part of Tank Regiment or Division Support as for Recon use..)

-Fewer unit types if redundant, and if wise in terms of playability.

-Giving small countries the possibility for a slight catch up to the bigger ones. ->New techs for country development..

-Adding the timescale to WW1 for the possibility of new secanrios.

-Adding decisions/events if needed for the new units and techs.

After I gained more experience with the GEM-one I wanted to expand the timeline to WW1. And as that was done, I was not that happy with the result and did again a change to the tech-system. The Idea of 1001 Techs was born.(It was already long in my head but now I had done already enough to make it happen..) Together with this step I'm also rewriting all affected files to have it all in a fine order.(It is also easier to mod then..)

So, the AHOI-Treasure is the name of the Mod, and the GEM's are its components that will hopefully build a nice Treasure of HOI3.

I hope you enjoy playing it!

Kind regards, Chromos

Mod Information

Paradox Forum location ENG Paradox Other Mods-subforum
Paradox Forum location GER Paradox Deutsches-Forum
Current version 0.3a
Last update March, 2011
Compatibility HoI3 Semper Fi 2.04
Mod team Chromos
Mod-Dir used Yes (Only the Ahoi-Compilation overwrites part of the Main files because of the nature of the included other Mods.)
Language German and English. I also have all text in English for the French and Spanish people. Also many techs are also in plain francais and espanol included already.
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AAR archives none yet[]


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound New counters for all new units. New design of units production screen, it shows now up to 30 techs of each unit(eliminating the problem of techs descriptions running out of the screen for now).
AI New research and production AI for all new units and all countries.
Technology 583 techs in 22 folder that the ai is also researching (Vanilla has 286 in 12 folder). New country development system to have a slight catch up chance for small countries. New division build up system ( a normal division consist now out of 3 to 9 Regiments, no Battalion sized units more available[except Commandos], complete change to a regimental System!).
Map Map changes to the Chinese Theater(More ports and ressources to get the Jap AI in a better direction etc.)
Events Some new events/decisions for some workaround and background work of the new techtree.
New Units 90 buildable units (vanilla has 48, ai is producing them as well, starting OOB's adjusted). (Elite units, new regimental Support units, Corps-units, Auxiliary Cruiser, Biplanes, Helicopter and much more.
Game Mechanics Some adjustments to laws, some adjustments to the basic game mechanics(defines.lua etc.), some adjustments to combat events and more.


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound CaptRobau's and his "Historical Flags Mod", Danevang and his "Danevang's Interface Mods", Ahoi-Treasure-Gem-one
AI see Ahoi-Treasure-Gem-one
Technology see Ahoi-Treasure-Gem-one
Map Krazy19Karl and his "Magrathea - The Map Rebuilt", Modestus and his "Re-textured map", Danevangs Map Fertilizer (re-coloured map), Ahoi-Treasure-Gem-one
Events see Ahoi-Treasure-Gem-one
New Units see Ahoi-Treasure-Gem-one
Game Mechanics see Ahoi-Treasure-Gem-one


Feature Description
Graphics & Sound New GUI(graphical user interface) for AHOI-Treasure. Now uses a resolution of 1280*768. Maybe I'll also make a 1600*1080 version..

Ahoi-Treasure - GEM - 1001 Techs

Feature Description
Graphics & Sound Based on AHOI-Treasure-GEM-GUI, backcompatible version for 1024*768 if there is a big demand.
AI Will need and get new research and production AI for all countries.
Technology Up around 1001 Technologies in about 42 screens and up to 4 screens per branch like Nation, Production, Electronic, Secret, Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Small Ships and Convoy, Cruiser, Capital Ships, Carrier, Fighter, Bomber, Special Aircraft, Air Equipment, Land Doctrine, Naval Doctrine and Air Doctrine.
Events Some new events/decisions for some workaround and background work of the huge techtree. New Decision System for upgrades.
New Units Full switch to Regimental System as in GEM- one. Many new units and also some Battalions again.
Game Mechanics Combat will be again tweaked. (Defines.lua changes and combat events.)